Sources: Attack on NYPD officers in Brooklyn could possibly be linked to terrorism

Police say three NYPD officers are in the hospital this morning after being attacked in Flatbush after curfew, and sources say it could be related to terrorism.
News 12 is told it happened at the intersection of Church and Flatbush avenues around 11:45 p.m. Wednesday.
Police tell News 12 one of them was stabbed in the neck and the other two were shot. All three are expected to survive.
Police Commissioner Dermot Shea says two officers from the 70th Precinct were assigned to an anti-looting post, making sure that people did not break into businesses. He says that was when, without warning, a man walked up to the officers, took out a knife and stabbed one of the officers in the neck just missing an artery.
Commissioner Shea says at the same time about a block away a uniformed sergeant and a uniformed police officer heard shots fired and responded.
He says when the sergeant and police officer got to the scene, they saw the suspect holding a gun, which investigators believe belonged to an officer. News 12 is told the suspect was shot and is in critical condition.
“What we know at this point in time is that it appears to be a complete cowardly, despicable, unprovoked attack on a defenseless police officer and thank God we’re not planning a funeral right now,” says Commissioner Shea.
Police say a knife and 22 shell casings were recovered. All three officers are in stable condition.
Police say two more NYPD officers were involved in a shooting this morning in Manhattan’s East Village.
Police say the man was armed with a knife and tried to stab an officer. He was shot by police and is expected to survive. The officers were transported to the hospital with minor injuries.
The FBI confirms they responded to both the attack in Brooklyn and the police-involved shooting in Manhattan.
Sources tell News 12 the two do not appear connected, but they are still looking into the possibility that the Brooklyn incident is connected to terrorism.