NY officials conduct more than 15,000 random antibody tests at supermarkets across the state

New York officials conducted more than 15,000 random antibody tests at supermarkets around the state as they plan for an eventual reopening.
They say that more than 12% of the people who were tested had COVID-19 antibodies in their system, which is an indication that they had the disease and have since recovered.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Saturday that the Bronx was hit especially hard, with 27.6% of people there testing positive for antibodies. Long Island was right around the statewide average with 11.4%.
The numbers also showed racial disparity among coronavirus cases. More than 25% of Hispanics had positive results, along with more than 17% of African-Americans.
The number was just 7% among the white population.
The governor also presented the overall hospitalization and death numbers. On Friday, the virus claimed another 299 lives across the state, bringing the total death toll to just under 19,000.
In an effort to track the virus more effectively, hospitals must provide more detailed information on new COVID-19 patients like gender, occupation and how they get to work starting this weekend.
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