NY issues driver's ed guidance; classes go virtual, driving hours allowed with any licensed driver

Turning 17 years old for many student drivers means getting your senior license, but due to the pandemic thousands were left stranded -- until now.
The coronavirus shut down driver's education courses back in March, whether that be through a school district or a private driving school. In New York, you're not allowed to get a senior license without taking driver's ed.
Districts' driving schools, parents and students have all been on hold for months waiting for the state to say something about classes. Wednesday was finally that day.
"As I understand it, the in-classroom portion which is a total of 24 hours, will now be allowed to be done virtually," says Joel Geller, of the Driver Education Program. "And the driving part, which is also a total of 24 hours, can be done by their parents or guardian. Anybody with a valid driver's license."
Some of the details are still fuzzy, like how driving schools and school districts will handle the online curriculum, and what, if any, guidelines will parents have to follow to ensure the driving hours are consistent.