Not 'a livable situation.' Mastic Beach residents say flooding issues continue to cause issues

Residents of Oceanview Drive in Mastic Beach tell News 12 that flooding there has been a problem for years.
Residents say the water comes in with the high tide and certain winds and can get as high as 2 to 3 feet. They said the flooding also impacts nearby streets.
Philip Franzese said his family didn’t come for Christmas because of all the water in the road. He said he’s lost a total of three cars over the years. Another neighbor said he has also lost multiple vehicles.
James Palma said the water comes through properties of residents who don’t have bulkheads. He said it’s frustrating when you can’t go out for days and say it’s not “a livable situation.” On any given day, residents say there’s at least some water on the street.
Brookhaven Highway Superintendent Daniel Losquadro told News 12 that there are limited options when it comes to a solution. He said this poses a particular challenge because the land is less than 2 feet above sea level. He says the town continues to look at options for remedies, including digging out some town-owned properties to create retention areas.