Northwell Direct provides health care services, COVID-19 testing for NY employers

Northwell Health has launched Northwell Direct to give New York employers a suite of health and wellness services that are customizable - including a range of COVID-19-related offerings. 
Northwell says businesses are looking for a reliable way to keep their employees safe, yet lack the expertise that Northwell can bring to meet their needs as businesses restart and incorporate the ongoing monitoring and management necessary to operate in an environment where COVID-19 is still a threat.  
Northwell Direct offers a range COVID-19 services, including diagnostic testing, antibody testing and return-to-work assessments. 
It also offers other services that are designed to improve the well-being of employees, increase workplace efficiency and control costs. 
The services include vaccinations, biometric screenings, health lectures and cooking demonstrations, as well as pre-employment screenings and consultations for OSHA compliance. 
Northwell says companies can also arrange for an on-site or near-site health center, staffed by Northwell providers, to deliver preventive care and treatment for minor injuries and illnesses.
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