No answers given on reason for Elmont principal's sabbatical at BOE meeting

Parents and students at Elmont Memorial High School did not receive any answers after their principal was placed on administrative leave just days before school started.
The circumstances surrounding his sabbatical was a question that was addressed, but not answered during a school board meeting Tuesday.
"Board Policy Number 1140 does not permit us in a public session to discuss any individual district personnel based on advice from legal counsel other than the press release that announced Mr. Dougherty's sabbatical," Board of Education President Michael Jaime stated after the meeting started.
That was not the answer that parents were looking for.
"I am highly disappointed," one parent said. "If you asked me prior to Aug. 30 what I thought of the school district, I would have nothing but praises. The sentiments no longer exist."
Jaime did explain that a sabbatical has to be requested and cannot be handed down to an employee.
"A sabbatical is something that is requested by an employee to their employer," Jaime says. "The superintendent looks at the request and will approve or disapprove the request."
Despite the explanation, some parents said they don't believe Dougherty is even on a sabbatical.
Others told the board that there has been a "lack of transparency" throughout the process.