Demands for answers mount after Elmont HS principal placed on administrative leave

Community members and former students were on hand at a meeting Thursday night to demand answers as to why the principal of Elmont Memorial High School was placed on administrative leave.
As News 12 has reported, students and parents were informed that principal Kevin Dougherty would be taking a sabbatical leave. Dougherty has been serving as principal since 2015.
Former students took part in a second protest earlier on Thursday in another effort to get answers.
Current students say Dougherty has an enormous influence on them. They say he really cares about everyone.
The school board was not in attendance at the meeting. Members say they might meet with community members next week.
A spokesperson for the school says as of Sept. 2, Dr. Taryn Johnson, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, will be the acting principal of the high school until further notice.
The next board of education meeting is set for Sept. 20. Community members say they plan to attend that meeting.