New York state prepares to allow visitors in nursing homes again

Those with a loved one in a nursing home may be able to visit them again soon as the state begins to ease restrictions on visitations, but with new guidelines in place.
Nursing homes in New York shut their doors to visitors after many became a hot spot for COVID-19. For the first time since March, state health officials say visitors will be allowed back in with some restrictions.
Dolores Zanchelli says she hasn't seen her mother, 76-year-old Gina, in person for four months.
She says her mother didn't get coronavirus, but is on a ventilator at Gerwin Jewish Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Commack. Zanchelli says she wants to see her mother again only if it's safe.
Some of the new rules for visiting nursing homes include getting your temperature checked, wearing a mask or other personal protective equipment and social distancing once you're inside.
President and CEO of the New York State Health Facilities Association Stephen Hanse says nursing homes will limit visitations. Residents will be allowed to have two visitors at a time, and each day, only 10% of the patients can have family come see them.
The facility also must have had zero cases of COVID-19 among patients and staff for 28 days before visitations can happen.
Each nursing home will have to submit plans to the state on how they plan to administer visitations safely before visitors are approved.