New contamination another setback in chemical cleanup of Bethpage ballfield

New soil contamination has been found at a Bethpage ballfield that has been plagued by issues.
The decades-old toxic dumping ground at Bethpage Community Park has caused it to be off limits for years. It's directly linked to the Grumman Corporation.
A high-tech cleanup is underway at the ballfield after many years, but new contamination found in the ballfield's parking lot has caused a setback.
Michael Boufis, superintendent of the Bethpage Water District, has been on the front lines of pushing for Northrop Grumman to clean up the site and the toxic plume in the aquifer. He says the discovery of more contamination about 40 feet down in a bed of clay is no surprise.
"Some of the core samples you can see the clay and like a black goo that is attached to it," says Boufis.
It was back in 1962 when Grumman donated the 18-acre site to the Town of Oyster Bay. It was discovered decades later that it was the site where Grumman disposed of chemical waste.
"It needs to be handled, that's always been our stance," says Boufis.
Northrop Grumman and the U.S. Navy have still not begun the cleanup of the Grumman groundwater plume, which sits in the drinking water aquifer and is now 4.3 miles long, 2.1 miles wide and 900 feet deep.