Nassau SPCA rescues 11 puppies living in deplorable conditions at Baldwin store

Authorities say the animals were in dirty cages stacked on top of one another without access to food or water.

News 12 Staff

Mar 18, 2021, 2:00 PM

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Eleven puppies seized from a store in Baldwin following customer complaints about the sale of sick animals.
Last week, the pet store Puppy 4 You suddenly shut down and the sign on the store was removed. The 11 dogs were left in the store until they were seized on Monday by the Nassau SPCA.
The storefront in Baldwin, 3/17/21
“It was dark, it looked like it was abandoned,” said Gary Rogers, of the Nassau SPCA. “There was garbage around. There was pets living in their own feces, they apparently had no water, there was food on the floor.”
According to the SPCA, all of the dogs that were taken from the store are now being evaluated by a veterinarian. The store owners have not been located.
News 12 spoke with Gregory Georghiou and his fiancée Kally who say their joy quickly turned to heartache after their puppy Ollie started showing signs of severe illness about two weeks after they first brought him home from the store.
Ollie had a respiratory infection, was malnourished and had scabs on his body. He also might have had a deadly virus. The couple bought the dog for $2,000 from the now defunct store.
Puppy 4 You before it was apparently abandoned
Astrid Lanza bought a 12-week-old puppy named Tori there. The dog was so sick that she could barely walk, she says.
“Her lungs were severely damaged, she was diagnosed with pneumonia, malnourishment, and when they did the fecal test, she had two parasites," says Lanza.
Ollie and Tori had to be put down. Their owners are now stuck with thousands of dollars in vet bills with nobody to hold responsible.
Anyone with information about this case can call 516-THE-SPCA.

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