Police warn public about accidental THC ingestion ahead of Halloween

The warning involves what they call a “new threat” this year of possibly ingesting marijuana now that recreational shops are open in New York.

Krista McNally

Oct 30, 2023, 11:10 AM

Updated 173 days ago


Officials are warning the public about accidental THC ingestion ahead of Halloween.
The Nassau County Department of Health claims the number of accidental ingestions of THC has increased 20-fold from 2017 to 2021.
It says the number of Nassau County hospital visits for cannabis-related events in 2017 was 42 people; in 2021 there were 812 visits for a cannabis-related event.
The access to THC gummies and lollipops has become easier, according to Dr. Irina Gelman, the Nassau County commissioner of health
Gelman says it is very easy mistake for candy as well.
“We are seeing serious consequences including ICU admissions,” said Dr. Irina Gelman.
Nassau County police are advising parents to check their children’s Halloween candy to ensure edibles do not accidentally get mixed in.
“Every kid loves sugar, right. With gummies, you don’t only eat one you eat five or six. The problem with THC inside of a gummy - it doesn’t absorb right away,” said Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder.

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