Nassau Executive Curran pushes for outdoor gardens to reopen as LI moves toward Phase 1

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran gave an update Saturday with the latest on the response to COVID-19 in Nassau.
-Curran spoke about efforts to honor veterans this year amid the pandemic. She says there will be a car parade that will be streamed on Facebook.
-In light of the governor's announcement that Long Island is on track to being reopening mid-week next week, Curran outlined what Phase 1 entails - all construction, curbside retail, manufacturing, and more.
-Curran noted that the status of summer camps remains up in the air, with no guidelines from state yet. She says she's pushing for more outdoor spaces to reopen safely, including outdoor gardens to help reduce density at beaches and parks -- Old Westbury Gardens, etc. She also says touch-free indoor museums should be explored for reopening.
-Curran says Nassau is "aggressively" ramping up its army of contact tracers as required to reopen. She says if residents get a call from a 518 area code, it might be a contact tracer -- she urges residents to pick up.
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