Hundreds of Nassau voters receive incorrect oath envelopes for absentee voting due to vendor printing error

A printing error is being blamed for hundreds of mislabeled ballot envelopes on Long Island.
Voters in Nassau County are being asked to double check their absentee ballots after the error was discovered, where 781 ballots were mailed to voters with the incorrect oath envelope inside.
Brooklyn also saw a similar error that affected more than 100,000 people. Nassau's Board of Elections officials say the same outside vendor was used as the New York City borough.
Elections officials say the same outside vendor was used as the New York City borough.
Phoenix Graphics Incorporated President Sal DeBiase said in a statement that the company "experienced mechanical-inserting issues when producing the 2020 general election absentee ballots for Kings County and Nassau County. We estimate this has affected less than 1% of the mailings."
Nassau elections officials say they are reaching out to voters that have been sent the wrong oath envelope.
Jim Scheuerman, Democratic commissioner of the Nassau Board of Elections, says he is just as annoyed as the hundreds who received envelopes with the wrong names and addresses.
"We sent good data from our end to a reputable ballot printer and they had an error on their side," says Scheuerman.
News 12 also reached out to the Republican commissioner for the Nassau Board of Elections, but they said the Democratic chair would speak for both parties on the matter.
The Suffolk Board of Elections says it uses a different vendor that assured election officials they would not experience similar problems.
President Donald Trump has already responded to the New York errors, saying, "100,000 defective ballots in New York. They want to replace them, but where, and what happens to the ballots that were first sent? They will be used by somebody. USA… end this scam – go out and vote!"
Trump has previously made unsubstantiated claims about the safety and security of mail-in voting, including during Tuesday night's presidential debate.