Moms for Liberty group calls for parent decision when it comes to masks in schools

The debate about whether children should wear masks at the start of the new school year is heating up after Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul announced she believes there will be mandates.
Hochul said on NBC Thursday morning, "I believe there will end up being mask mandates." Hochul said it's important to look over all of the data and talk to the school districts.
"We need to be talking to the school districts as well, that hasn't happened in the past as the way i think it should," says Hochul. "Find out what their anxieties are, why there's any objection to this and I believe this is the way to go to make it a safe environment, to get back to school, and that is my number one priority, children have to be back in school."
That is not sitting well with some parent groups who feel the decision should be up to them and not the state.
"There is no longer a state of emergency, and it's really not their call," says Barbara Abboud, of Moms for Liberty Nassau Chapter. "Our children are ours, and it's our decision what we want as parents, what we feel is best for them, whether we want them in a mask or not. Parent choice matters."
Robert Dillon, the superintendent of Nassau BOCES, says masks are staying no matter what. Dillon says BOCES believes a more conservative approach would benefit its staff and children.
The New York State Education Department has just released a health and safety guide to help schools and districts as they plan for the upcoming school year.