Mansion at Glen Cove forced to pay $50,000 fine, make rule changes to get liquor license reinstated

Liquor will be allowed at the Mansion at Glen Cove again after the facility pays a fine.

News 12 Staff

Jul 25, 2022, 9:48 PM

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Liquor will be allowed at the Mansion at Glen Cove again after the facility pays a fine.
The State Liquor Authority had suspended all liquor sales following the July 10 shooting at the facility that injured three people.
The party was to celebrate rap promoter Bid Fendi's birthday, and was in part sponsored by a Queens gentleman's club. Police say 200 people were at the gathering.
Remy Marshall, of Brooklyn, was arrested and charged for the shooting after he was allegedly denied entry by the party promoters' security.
The Mansion at Glen Cove attorney Michael Finkelstein says Marshall was never allowed into the premises and the incident occurred when he was being escorted off of the premises.
The SLA chided the mansion's owner Wei Wang in a special hearing Friday over the handling of a pool party when the shooting happened. They added that they pulled the liquor license because the mansion was denied a permit from the city of Glen Cove but still allowed the party to take place.
"He was told directly that you cannot have this - so the town saw that there could be problems and he didn't care," said SLA Chairman Vincent Bradley.
Wang has since promised they will not allow similar parties at the Mansion at Glen Cove in the future.
"What happened - I will tell you going forward we have - my understand is the full support of the city, the mayor and police department," Finkelstein says.
The mansion was fined $50,000 to get its liquor license back. In addition, the SLA ruled there can only be recorded music at the pool and that managers must report to the Glen Cove Police Department monthly about all planned events.
Bradley says he agreed to reinstate the license in part because of pressure from angry brides.
"A number of angry brides have reached out to us whose weddings would be destroyed if we were to keep this place shut permanently," Bradley said.
The SLA says the license will not be officially reinstated until they get the $50,000 fine. They say they have not received it as of 8:00 p.m. Friday.
News 12 reached out to the Mansion at Glen Cove for comment and have not heard back.

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