Man indicted on murder, weapons charges in slaying of girlfriend inside Mineola apartment

An Elmont man has been indicted on murder and weapons charges in the shooting death of his girlfriend in her Mineola apartment in July.
Small pleaded not guilty and was remanded without bail.
If convicted, Small faces up to 25 years to life in prison. He is due back in court on Oct. 21.
According to the district attorney, Marivel Estevez, 39, was killed by Small, inside her apartment at The Allure Mineola between the evening hours of July 28 and early morning hours of July 29.
Police say Small was inside the apartment waiting for Estevez as she came home from work and shot her. Estevez worked in management at the Allure Mineola apartment complex on Old Country Road and resided there.
Small then left with Estevez’s dog and fled onto the Long Island Expressway, police say. While on the LIE near Exit 3, Small got into an accident, opened the door and got out to save the dog from getting hit by a car and was hit.
Police arrested Small following the accident
When Estevez did not show up for work, a wellness check was done, and a revolver was found under her couch cushion.
The prosecution says Estevez told Small she was moving to Florida for a new job, and they say he was sending texts saying things like, "Are you sure about leaving me alone - I can't live without you."
The Nassau County district attorney says this could have been a motive for the murder.
“Marivel Estevez had recently told friends and family members that she wanted to end her relationship with Mark Small and move to Florida,” says Nassau DA Anne Donnelly. “The defendant, however, was unwilling to let her go and is accused of murdering Marivel in cold blood at her Mineola apartment. The murder of this young woman was a calculated and cowardly act, and my office will vigorously prosecute this case.”
Small has no prior arrests and no domestic incidents were reported by Estevez.
Small's lawyers say this is a sad situation for all parties.
"We know this is a trying time for the family, but this is a trying time for Mr. Small and for all of his family as well," says attorney JoAnna Squillace.