Man claims South Country Ambulance Company chief slapped him following fender bender

The chief of the South Country Ambulance Company allegedly slapped a driver following an accident in Bellport on Wednesday.
Thomas Schultz says he saw a South Country Ambulance SUV driving erratically near Tony Gazzola Park and verbally complained to the driver.
He says Amy Price Thomas, chief of administration for the ambulance company, was driving the vehicle.
Schultz says he drove his car near to hers as they both were dropping their kids off in the park.
"I asked her why she thought she had the right to drive so erratically," Schultz says. "She got very angry and upset with me and started shouting that I was harassing her, that I was following her."
Price-Thomas says she was scared for herself and for her son.
"I don't know what he was saying, I just keeping telling him, please get away from me," Price Thomas says.
She drove out of the lot, but pulled along the side of the road.
Schultz says he got into a fender bender with a truck that was parked next to Price Thomas' in the middle of the road.
Schultz started videotaping and says the driver of the truck struck him. He says South Country Ambulance Chief Gregory Miglino then arrived and also struck him.
Miglino says the slap was in self-defense and he was concerned about Price-Thomas.
"I would definitely say emotions were in play, but we were never gonna tolerate someone setting upon our membership like that," Miglino says.
Suffolk County police eventually charged Schultz with criminal mischief for the accident.
Schultz says officers didn't want to look at the video or hear about the slaps.
"I don't know what went wrong with regard to the police not willing to accept my side of the story as valid, especially since I had video proof that they refused to look at," Schultz says.
The Suffolk County Police Department did not return News 12's request for comment as of 8 p.m.
Miglino and Price Thomas are both running for the South Country School Board in Tuesday's election
Schultz tells News 12 that he was the one who was slapped and it had nothing to do with the election.