Long Islanders say their property is being stolen by bandits using U-Hauls

Neighbors are raising alarms about new video they have of suspected thieves using U-Hauls to steal Long Islanders' property.
One incident happened early Saturday in Locust Valley when a U-Haul truck drove into the neighborhood and drove off with two Jet Skis.
A man from East Northport said he had two ATVs stolen out of his garage over the summer. He also had surveillance video that caught masked people using a U-Haul to steal his ATVs.
News 12 reached out to Suffolk County police about whether they are seeing U-Hauls being used in crimes more often. Police said they didn't have anyone who could speak about the topic on Tuesday.
News 12 reached out to U-Haul, who provided a statement, saying: "Our equipment is designed and intended for communities to benefit from shared-use access to affordable residential mobility. Customers utilizing our equipment are expected adhere to any and all local, state and federal laws. Any violation of these laws is a violation of the customer contract and our policies. U-Haul employs a robust investigations unit that works closely with law enforcement on a daily basis to see that individuals engaged in criminal activity involving our equipment are captured and prosecuted."