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Locust Valley man seeks help in return of stolen Jet Skis

Chris Boisits says neighbors caught the suspected bandits on security video.

Jon Dowding

Jan 23, 2024, 10:19 PM

Updated 147 days ago


A Locust Valley man is pleading for the community's help to find the people he says stole Jet Skis from his backyard over the weekend.
Chris Boisits says neighbors caught the suspected bandits on security video. Days later, he’s still in disbelief.
"I just can't believe this happened to me. It's just not fair,” he said.
He says he saw a cement block and a bunch of snow on the road Saturday morning. At first, he didn’t think anything of it.
"But then I looked to the left and I see my Jet Skis, brand new, are gone,” he said.
After filing a police report, he learned from his neighbors who the culprits were. As seen on Ring camera video, masked people hooked up a U-Haul to a trailer the Jet Skis were on and took off with them at around 3 a.m. Saturday.
"For the next five years, I'm going to be making payments on something that's not even here anymore,” said Boisits.
He also learned, he's not alone. At least three of his neighbors say people have been coming onto their property at night. They shared Ring camera video showing people going into or trying to get into their vehicles.
"Get the insurance. Chain it down until we stop these guys,” he said. “Until something goes down. Cause right now, we're all vulnerable."
Boisits waited for three years to get the jet skis and finally got them last June. As he hopes for a miracle, he has a message for his neighbors.
"I need the public's help. I need everyone's help to stop this. I'm sure there's millions of you hardworking people out there that don't want this to happen to you,” he said. “Let's try to work together and do something about this."
Anyone with information that could help find the jet skis are asked to call Nassau County police.

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