Long Beach school officials issue warning about THC-laced cookies packaged as popular favorites

Instead of Chips Ahoy, the package says Trips Ahoy, and the popular Oreos are packaged as Stoneo.

News 12 Staff

Jun 23, 2021, 2:50 AM

Updated 1,121 days ago


Be sure to double-check that wrapper while shopping next time because packs of what look like popular snacks are popping up on shelves that are laced with THC.
According to the Long Beach Public Schools, the cannabis-laced cookies are being sold at stores right in town.
Long Beach parents say they are on high alert after learning the cookies are in stores in the area.
The packaging makes them look just like popular brands you would find in the supermarket but with slightly different names. So instead of Chips Ahoy, the package says Trips Ahoy, and the popular Oreos are packaged as Stoneo.
Parents say it's dangerous because you don't know what is in there.
The warning came in a message to families from the Long Beach superintendent who wrote, "I am sure you are as horrified as I am at the way these are obviously targeting children and young people. My nightmare is that young children might consume these without even realizing what they are."
The superintendent also shared a news article from Canada that states a young boy was hospitalized after eating similar cookies.
Addiction specialist Jeffrey Reynolds, with Family and Children's Association, says products like these are especially harmful to children.
"When we're talking about children, we're talking about developing brains," says Reynolds. "We're talking about developing body parts and organs and the possibility of poisoning is very significant. The possibility of long-term damage is in the mix."
Recreational marijuana still can't be sold legally in New York, but the cookies are made from hemp, which is technically legal right now.

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