'Lit a fire in my soul' - Series highlights how 'Rocky' movies impacted Long Islanders' lives

The "Rocky" movies are inspirational to a whole lot of people, but for some special Long Islanders, they were life changing.
John Messina started a three-part series called “Fight Story,” which highlights how different people were inspired by the “Rocky” movie series. 
Messina says he was inspired to create his project after the movie helped him when he faced struggles in school. 
“When I was younger, I suffered with a very bad learning disability. I always struggled in school,” Messina says. “They showed me the original 'Rocky' story, and from that moment on, it lit a fire in my soul.”
“Fight Story” shares the journey of a master's level boxer, which is someone who competes over the age of 40. He discusses his traumatic upbringing and how the “Rocky” movies influenced him. 
Another person highlighted in the series is a 6-year-old Commack boy with autism. His parents say their non-verbal child is able to communicate when he watches the “Rocky” films.
“I think there's a lot of negativity in the world right now and I feel like now is the absolute best time to bring this alive,” Messina says. “Helping people along the way, that's what "Fight Story' is all about.”