'I didn't know what he was capable of.' LI ride-share driver charged with rape, forcible touching

An East Norwich man has been arrested and is accused of sexually abusing two women while working as a ride-share driver.
Suffolk detectives say Milton Paguada picked up a 28-year-old woman on June 30 and offered her a massage. He then pulled the car over and raped her.
Police say on Saturday he picked up 23-year-old Jade Zapata in Copiague and started rubbing her legs and forcibly touching her.
Zapata described it as a 10-minute ride home from hell.
"I was very fearful - I didn't know what he was capable of," Zapata says.
She says when Paguada was touching her, he was also asking her inappropriate questions and she froze.
Zapata says she quickly got out of the car, made it into her house and told her mother what happened.
Paquada worked for C-Gacela Taxi Service, which operates out of Lindenhurst.
They told News 12, "We are deeply sorry for what happened, and we will make sure it never happens again. He no longer works here."
Paquada is charged with rape and forcible touching.
A temporary order of protection has been issued and je is being held in custody on $500,000 bond and $125,000 cash bail.
Zapata says it was important for her to speak so that other women can come forward without fear.
"I want the other girls to know that no one is going to judge them and it's OK to speak up for themselves," Zapata says. "We don't want this guy to do this to another girl."
Police are asking anyone who thinks they may have been a victim to call them.