Lindenhurst school district warns some crossing guard posts could no longer be covered

Parents of students at Lindenhurst High School are upset to find out the crossing guards for students will be eliminated at the school.
Faith Callahan, a ninth grader at Lindenhurst High School, says crossing busy Sunrise Highway on her way home from school is definitely easier when a crossing guard is there.

Faith, her mom, and fellow Lindenhurst parent Patrick Bradburn say news that most of the crossing guards at the high school will be eliminated is upsetting and doesn’t make sense.

"If you take even one away, you're jeopardizing one child, one child's life is not worth it,” says Bradburn.

A letter from the Lindenhurst School District superintendent explained a there is a shortage of crossing guards in Suffolk County, and because of that many posts will no longer be covered.

The letter says in part, "In our area, the Suffolk County Police Department's first precinct has found it necessary to eliminate most high school posts along with the posts they feel are too far away from schools, or where the volume of students has significantly reduced.”
According to the letter, getting rid of most of the high school guards will ensure sufficient coverage at the elementary and middle schools.
The people we spoke with say they hope local and maybe even state lawmakers can do something about the crossing guard shortage and any changes that might happen to the posts.
Police told News 12 at this point crossings guards for the high school have not been eliminated.
However, they are in the process of reviewing the school crossing posts and hiring more crossing guards.