Lindenhurst district to cut crossing guards, raising concern for parents

A South Shore school district is warning that many crossing guard posts will no longer be covered due to a shortage of crossing guards in Suffolk County.
According to a letter from the superintendent of Lindenhurst schools, many posts will no longer be covered because of a shortage of crossing guards in Suffolk County.
The letter to the Lindenhurst school community reads in part, "In our area, the Suffolk County Police Department's First Precinct has found it necessary to eliminate most high school posts along with the posts they feel are too far away from schools, or where the volume of students has significantly reduced."
According to the letter, getting rid of most of the high school guards will ensure sufficient coverage at the elementary and middle schools.
Patrick Bradburn says with many high school students crossing Sunrise Highway, he disagrees with taking away the crossing guards.
"There's constantly accidents, constantly kids getting hit, and it's not safe," he said.
Bradburn says he is also speaking out, because road and driver safety is more than just a community concern for him.
"I lost my dad to a drunk driver on Sunrise Highway. Hit him and killed him, unfortunately," Bradburn said.
Bradburn also says his son was hit by a car on Sunrise Highway, near the high school. He says thankfully his son is OK, but he remains worried for the safety of his daughter and all the other high school students who rely on the crossing guards.
"This road is dangerous, we can't afford to leave any child behind and not be crossed, by a professional," said Bradburn.
Suffolk police say they're in the process of hiring school crossing guards and reviewing school crossing posts. However, the department says no crossings have been eliminated.