Light Rail service suspended in Bayonne due to overhead wire issues

Service on the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail line was suspended in Bayonne Friday evening after overhead wires that power the trains broke as a train was coming into the 45th Street Station.
Passengers were stuck on the train for a time while the wires were removed from the train.
Repairs at the station are now underway.
Light Rail service has been suspended between the Danforth Street Station in Jersey City and the Eighth Street Station in Bayonne. Customers are being turned away and were directed onto shuttles to take them to their desired stop.
Commuters were not happy with the issue.
“It’s rough. It has made the day a lot longer,” says Jay Wilkos, of Bayonne. “It has turned eight hours, 10 hours into 14 hours.”
Overhead wires often sag during extreme heat, allowing the wires to catch on to something and break. Temperatures were around 90 degrees in parts of New Jersey on Friday.
It was unclear how long repairs would take.
The situation comes as New Jersey Transit suspends all service into and out of New York City due to an engineer shortage amid a labor dispute.