LI dietitian Marlo Mittler offers eating tips for a thinner Thanksgiving

LI dietitian Marlo Mittler offers eating tips for a thinner Thanksgiving

Heading into the holiday season with Thanksgiving, some may be looking to keep their waistlines down, while still being able to indulge a little at the holiday tables. News 12's Elizabeth Hashagen had teamed up with dietitian Marlo Mittler with some dos and don'ts this holiday season.

Mittler says before the bird is even put on the table, there are some major decisions you should make about what you are consuming. Drinks are usually flowing, so Mittler suggests skipping the egg nog and sipping on an apple cider instead.

When it comes to nibbles before dinner, Mittler says you should serve veggies and humus and pass on the chips and salsa. She says humus, which is high in protein, will also start to fill you up so you won't overeat at the dinner table.

It's important to remember that you don't have to forgo all of your favorite foods though. Keep an eye out about how things are prepared. For example, while stringed beans are healthy if they are steamed, if they are loaded with a sauce or cheese, they are higher in calories. Also keep track of the extras, like gravy and stuffing. You can give in, but in moderation.

Mittler says when it comes to dessert and treats, stick with a fruit dipped in chocolate or lower-calorie pies and cakes. Again, moderation is the key, says Mittler.

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