Letter: 14 LIU Post students, including some athletes, test positive for COVID-19

COVID-19 cases have been reported among several students at LIU Post in Brookville.
In a letter obtained by News 12, LIU's chief of student affairs wrote that 14 students, including some athletes, have contracted the virus.
The letter goes on to say students who tested positive were linked to off-campus gatherings.
Students who were determined to have the virus have quarantined, but no announcement has been made about possibly closing the campus.
LIU Freshman Dylan Luxenberg is frustrated by some of his fellow students' choices.
"I just want to come back to normal eventually, but if we keep doing stuff like off-campus parties, it's never going to get to that point," he says.
One doctor says that even though college students have not been able to attend as many social gatherings as they normally would have this year, they still need to be vigilant against the virus.
"I think anytime you see a cluster where there's a large number that comes out of a small gathering, we always worry about the ones that not only test positive initially, but possibly the ones who maybe carried it home to family members who then test positive a few days later," says Dr. Frederick Davis, of Long Island Jewish Medical Center.
Davis' concerns are underscored by CollegeData.com, which says 70% of LIU Post students commute.
"While the numbers might be anywhere from 14 now, it wouldn't surprise me if we saw higher numbers over the next few days," says Davis.
LIU urged students to wear face masks at all times when in public spaces on campus, to practice social distancing and complete daily health check-ins.