Jailed E. Northport man accused of plotting to kill judge

An East Northport man was ordered held on $250,000 bail Tuesday for allegedly trying to purchase a gun to kill a judge.
Brian Orkiszewski, 49, was previously jailed for not paying child support. Investigators say he planned to kill the judge because he felt the family home was unjustly awarded to his ex-wife.
According to investigators, Orkiszewski discussed the plan with other inmates at the Yaphank Correctional Facility. They say he wrote letters to a former inmate in which he said he needed to shop at "the hardware store" to buy "a plunger." Investigators say those are code words for a gun supplier and a gun.Orkiszewski's attorney says his client was set up by a jailhouse snitch who was trying to curry favor with the authorities.
Orkiszewski pleaded not guilty to conspiracy and criminal facilitation charges. If convicted, he faces up to four years in prison.