‘It just wasn’t his time.’ – 1st patient on ventilator at Huntington Hospital heads home

A Northport husband, father and grandfather - the first COVID-19 patient to be put on a ventilator at Huntington Hospital - is now back at home.
Scott November was admitted in early March. He and his wife, Shelley, say when Scott first got sick, he did not meet the criteria for coronavirus testing. By the time he got his positive test result back, he was already on a ventilator.
November and his family say they believe that part of the reason he was able to walk out of the hospital weeks later were technology and the partnership between his medical team and his family.
"They're the heroes of this story,” November told News 12. “It's the bond between my family and these heroes that I think saved my life.”
Since they couldn't be at his bedside, November's family did all they could to let his medical team know he was not alone – making a poster board about his life for his door and cheering him on outside his hospital window.
Shelley November says the family was watching on Facetime when Scott was taken off the ventilator.
The family say he has a long road to complete recovery, but they are grateful to be able to make the journey with him.
"Maybe it was his will, it just wasn't his time, it could have been the prayers, we'll never know, we're just glad he's here,” says Shelley November.