ICE releases New Hyde Park father detained for 8 months

A New Hyde Park family is celebrating a victory Tuesday night in keeping a father and husband from being deported.
Sukhdev Singh was able to hug his young daughters for the first time in eight months on Tuesday. The father of three was picked up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents last June at his home and had been detained ever since.
Singh arrived in the U.S. three decades ago and is not a legal citizen. He was facing deportation to India alone. His wife and three girls are American citizens.
"There's no reason he should have been incarcerated in the first place. He's the ideal candidate to be released. He's no risk to the public," says lawyer Conrad Pollack.
Pollack's firm say they spent months filing every motion possible. Pollack says just around the presidential inauguration, ICE decided to release him.
"Once the Biden administration took over, in my own opinion, there's been a seat change in terms of attitude," says Pollack. "The welcome mat has been put back at the front door of the United States as opposed to the 'keep out' sign."
Singh's wife Rajwinder Kaur thanked everyone who supported the family, and Singh's brother-in-law even thanked ICE.
"We want to thank ICE as well for giving him the opportunity to come home to his kids at this time, especially during this pandemic. Now they're looking forward to having their dad home every day," said Sukhwinder Singh.
Last month, the Department of Homeland Security issued a 100-day pause on "certain" deportations. In a statement, ICE says it's focusing "its limited resources on threats to national security, border security and public safety."