'I just rushed in': Amazon worker saves Long Island family from burning home

An Amazon delivery driver is being praised after his quick thinking helped save a family from its burning home in Syosset.
Kevin Rivera told News 12 he was finishing up his route on Bluebird Drive when he saw flames coming from the porch of a house.
“I just rushed in,” he said. “My heart, it was just going crazy because I saw the baby and I saw the people and I didn't want them to die either. So, I just rushed in putting my life at risk.”
Rivera says there were at least five people inside plus a baby. The people inside he says didn't speak English and wanted to rush out the front door towards the fire. He said he forced them all plus some dogs out the back door to safety.
“We and the neighbors want to write to say what a hero is was because he did the right thing and got them out,” said Lisa Bishop, a neighbor of the family.
Rivera says everyone on the block is calling him a hero.
“I just did what I have to do to save everybody's life.”