Huntington Station residents march for peace amid violence

The arrests of three suspects in last Sunday's triple shooting in Huntington Station have done little to ease the fears of the residents, who returned today to the scene of the crime, calling for peace.
It seemed like violent crime was on the decline in Huntington Station, but in the last few months, criminals once again have been making their presence known. The latest incident happened last weekend, when three people were shot in broad daylight on 1st Avenue.
Earlier this week, a trio of suspects, including a 15-year-old boy, was arrested in connection with the shooting.
Today, over 100 neighbors and officials marched through the streets of Huntington Station with signs in their hands. They say turnout would've been even higher if many people weren't so scared of becoming targets.
"Enough of the crime," says Huntington Station Latin Quarter President Ed Perez, "we've had our fair share of it."
The organizers of the event are calling for more police patrols and funding for community groups.