Hundreds line up to receive much-needed food at Elmont distribution effort

Thousands of pounds of food are being handed out to people most impacted by the coronavirus crisis.
Lines formed four hours early to receive food at a temporary distribution site in Elmont Friday, including frozen meat, produce and pre-packed meal kits -- enough for four people for four days. About 9,000 pounds of food were distributed.
The food was given out by dozens of volunteers, organized by the Elmont community and nonprofits like the Island Harvest Food Bank.
"The people who were working low-wage jobs or service industries that were suddenly let go, they weren't prepared for this, so a lot of people who are in our lines right now are people who are contributing money and donating food, and now they're on the other side of the line now receiving food," says Randi Dresner, with Island Harvest.
Volunteer Chris Rosado says being at the effort put unemployment statistics into a whole different perspective.
"You see the people in this line standing here to carry food back to their home because they have no other way to feed their families," says Rosado. "That really touches you."