"Huge stab in the back": Lack of road repair funding draws AAA ire

AAA is voicing frustration with the lack of funds being allocated to road repairs in the new state budget.
With the congestion pricing plan expected to be approved, portions of the revenue would reportedly go toward mass transit.
Officials at the automotive association say it marks a "huge stab in the back" to drivers across the state.
Drivers in Plainview agree with AAA's concerns.
"Fix the roads," says Rina Cohen. "Safety of the people is more important. It's going to cause more accidents. People are going to get stuck and they need to be repaired."
Robert Sinclair of AAA Northeast says it's not fair that no funds will be allocated toward road and bridge repair because drivers would be paying the price for the congestion pricing plan.
"Not a nickel to needs of drivers with drivers paying and yet they're punishing their vehicles on roads that are 69 percent in poor or mediocre condition," Sinclair says.
He says a study from the advocacy group, The Road Improvement Program (TRIP), says that road conditions cost drivers over $700 a year in repair costs, increased fuel consumption, tire wear and accelerated vehicle depreciation.
AAA says it receives 200,000 flat tire calls in New York every year. It says many are due to potholes and other hazardous conditions.