Hudson Valley residents hold protests in Rockland, Hastings in reaction to Roe v. Wade decision

Protestors took to the streets across Hudson Valley on Saturday to rally against the Supreme Court’s overturn of Roe v. Wade, which now allows abortion bans in many states.
Activists used the moment to organize voters and volunteers ahead of the November congressional elections.
Speakers at the protest said they can reverse this and other rulings by voting out leaders who vote to confirm Supreme Court justices.
Several protestors in Rockland County said they felt desperate following Friday’s decision by the Supreme Court until they saw Saturday’s protest of over 300 people.
“The solidarity, I think it does help,” said Stephanie Rice, of Rockland County.
Rice said she protested for other women in other states where abortions are likely going to be outlawed.
She once thought about moving out of the Northeast but after the ruling, she said she’s staying in New York where abortion access is being expanded.
Organizers at the event said they hope this could be a revolution led by women.
Protestors also gathered across the river in Hastings.
Another really is planned for Sunday in White-Plains.