Hooper campaign denies involvement with racially tinged mailer

The Democratic primary race between Deputy Assembly Speaker Earlene Hooper, of Hempstead, and political newcomer Taylor Raynor became bitter and racially tinged early on.
A political mailer that circulated in some Nassau communities said in part: "If you're proud to be black, make sure you vote for Deputy Speaker Earlene Hooper...Taylor Raynor is a slave to boss Jay Jacobs."
News 12 was told that Hooper, a 30-year incumbent, was not available for an interview. Her campaign manager told News 12 that the Hooper campaign was “absolutely not” behind the flyer.
“We do not stoop to those levels. We believe it's the opposition putting this stuff out to receive sympathy for their candidate," the campaign manager said.
Raynor said she's disappointed by the flyer and other comments the incumbent made during the course of the campaign.
"To have someone speak about me who's never met me and walk past me like I don't exist, it's disappointing,” said Raynor. "In a perfect world, we would have met each other and we would have been able to have a dialogue."