Hard Times: News 12 LI Town Meeting

News 12 Long Island held a two-hour town meeting Thursday night to focus on all of the economic issues plaguing Long Islanders.
Experts like Long Island Association economist Pearl Kamer, Valentina Janek, of the Long Island Breakfast Club, and financial planning expert Michael Kresh were on hand to answer questions.
Several unemployed Long Islanders and viewers at home told News 12 Long Island they?re angry about what they see happening all around them. Experts gave tips and solutions on finding jobs and staying out of debt.
?Be proactive,? Janek says about the job search. ?The first thing you have to do is get out of your driveway and you have to attend networking events, association events. Be very active in your community.?
Experts say the financial devastation is not over, so be prepared.
?If you?re newly laid off or you think you might be laid off, make sure your skills are up to date, particularly computer skills, which are required for any type of job today,? Kamer says.
News 12 Long Island also talked to residents who still have their jobs, but are cutting back on everyday expenses, cutting coupons and buying things on sale or in bulk.
For those who are in the position to save, Kresh advises having three to six months worth of expenses put aside. The panelist experts also suggest creating a payment plan to negotiate better rates and paying off highest interest rate cards first.
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