Gov. Cuomo unveils $300B+ infrastructure plan; LIRR, Nassau sewage plan among focuses

Along with cash from Washington, money from Albany will soon be coming to Long Island and other parts of the state for major infrastructure projects.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo unveiled a multiyear, $300 billion infrastructure proposal Friday. For Long Island, much of the money will go toward adding a third track along a 10-mile stretch for the Long Island Rail Road at the Hicksville Station west to Floral Park. That project is already underway.
"The big concern is that with the decline in ridership because of the pandemic and the loss of revenue, they were going to stop funding this. This will not halt the project. The governor is giving us assurances that it will continue and we have a bright future," says Marc Herbst, of the Long Island Contractors Association.
State money will also be flowing to the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant in southwestern Nassau County.
"With the Bay Park conveyance project, that's going to clean up the environment. It's going to be a 50% reduction in nitrates," says Cuomo.
Even though the state is facing a multibillion-dollar budget deficit, Cuomo says spending billions on these projects is a smart thing to do because it'll put more people to work and it will hold a positive psychological effect as well.
"Building new projects, enhancing day-to-day life, seeing progress also lifts people's spirits," says Cuomo.
Separately, President-elect Joe Biden is proposing billions for infrastructure projects, which could mean money for road and highway projects across the Island and the state.