GOP gubernatorial candidate Zeldin says 2 were shot outside his home in Shirley

A statement provided by Zeldin said the shooting took place while his 16-year old twin daughters were inside the home alone while the congressman and his wife were returning from the Bronx Columbus Day Parade in Morris Park.

Bob Doda

Oct 9, 2022, 10:11 PM

Updated 648 days ago


A shooting injured two people Sunday afternoon just a few doors down from Rep. Lee Zeldin’s home in Shirley, the congressman said in a statement.
At least two people were shot and police searched for the shooters.
Police officers could be seen standing guard outside Zeldin's home after the shooting occurred.
Zeldin was not home when the shooting happened, but the sounds of the gunfire were caught on neighbors' doorbell cameras.
Moments later, neighbors would learn that the incident happened right near the New York Republican gubernatorial candidate's home.
Zeldin's twin 16-year-old daughters were doing homework at the kitchen table when the shots rang out.
"One of the bullets was actually found 30 feet from where they were sitting," Zeldin said. He added that his daughters locked themselves in a bathroom and called 911.
Police swarmed the area and detectives collected evidence.
Zeldin said his security cameras picked up three people on his property and then the two who were shot laying down on his front porch and by a bush. He believes a fourth person may have been the shooter who was not caught on video.
The two who were shot, police say, were taken to an area hospital and are recovering.
Zeldin said police do not believe the shooting was politically motivated. But Zeldin, who is campaigning on a tough on crime platform, added that anyone can be a victim now.
"I'm standing in front of crime scene tape, in front of my own house. You can't get me more outraged than right now," he said.
Neighbors said when they saw the police response they were stunned.
"With everything else going on right now, it's scary. You can't even have your kids playing out on the lawn on a beautiful day," said resident Sean Penn.
"I'm glad everybody over there is OK. I'm very glad his daughters were inside. I'm glad they're OK," said neighbor Sonia Gonzales.

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