Gas leak prompts evacuation at Bethpage ice rink

The Bethpage ice rink was evacuated for a gas leak Saturday night.
Fire official say the call came in shortly after 7 p.m.
A total of 14 fire departments, ambulances and hazmat teams responded to the scene.
Fire officials say there was an ammonia leak from a malfunction in one of the compressors.
Hazmat teams ensured the leak was secured.
Fire officials say there were no injuries and four people were evaluated due to an abundance of caution.
There was an ice hockey game going on at the time of the leak.
Between 75 to 100 people were in the building.
Fire officials say everyone was evacuated safely.
“The leak had filled the entire building, so there was a gaseous cloud from the hydro ammonia leak itself. So the inside of the building was quite dangerous at one point, but it dissipated. It dissipates in fresh air,” explained Nassau Fire Marshal Chief Michael Uttaro.
There was a shelter-in-place order that was lifted afterward.
Hazmat teams also checked the surrounding area to ensure everyone was safe.
Fire officials say the system was being repaired as of Saturday night.