Freeport village votes to sell, rezone baseball park despite residents' protests

Freeport residents pushed back against plans for a decades-old baseball field to be rezoned for industrial use.
About two dozen people protested in front of Freeport Village Hall Monday in an effort to stop plans to redevelop the Cleveland Avenue Park.
"Telling our mayor the answer is no, we will not be selling Cleveland Park,” said Myles Hollingsworth, one of the rally organizers. 
The rally was held ahead of a meeting with village leaders Monday night. Residents addressed officials about leaving the field as a green space. 
However, the village attorney told News 12 that officials voted to sell the property and rezone it. This means the village has awarded a contract to the Panattoni Group for $49 million. 
The village attorney says $48 million will go to the to village and $1 million will go to the police and fire department. 
Residents who oppose the decision say they will continue to fight to halt any development.