Barbershop holds fundraiser for family with autistic children

A Franklin Square barbershop cut hair this weekend to raise money for a family whose children were diagnosed with autism.
Barber Ruben Zargarov has provided free haircuts to children with disabilities since he bought Neighborhood Barber Shop seven years ago.
“I just feel better when I help somebody, it feels good” he said.
Zargarov held a fundraiser Sunday at his shop to raise money for a Franklin Square family with four children with autism.
"I don't have any special needs in my family. I just feel bad. I mean, if I could help, why not?" Zargarov said.
He donated all the profits from the day's haircuts help the Impastato family of North Valley Stream.
Pino and Marcella Impastato have two children with autism and one with special needs.
The Impastatos say the money will help provide services for their children.
"It's a simple thing, like a swim lesson, an extra speech therapy, you know, all of that is what these kids need just to grow and learn at their own pace," Marcella Impastato said.
"When you're on the receiving end of that, the only words you can use is humbling. You're appreciative, you're grateful," added Pino Impastato.
Zargarov's kindness inspired many in the community to raise awareness about autism. When they heard the fundraiser was in the works, many signed up to help.
"We all jumped on it. It was a no brainer... We're all in," said Mike Centineo, of Franklin Square.
Some donated food and drinks while others pitched in gift baskets for raffles.
Zargarov's fundraiser has collected more than $3,000 so far -- all to benefit a family grateful for a barber who's a cut above the rest.
The Impastato family said they hope to pay it forward to other families with special needs children in the future.