Flowers, chocolate in short supply ahead of Valentine's Day

Purchasing last-minute Valentine's Day gifts this year may be harder than usual due to supply shortages around the world.
Places like Towers Flowers in North Babylon have had to change the way they get their supplies.
Owner Peter McBride says they have to plan ahead.
"And you have to be a little nimble with what you are bringing in and flexible when things don't come," McBride says.
He says they are seeing wholesale prices increase from 10% to 30% with the commodity market taking a big hit.
Owner of Hope's Land of Candy in Island Park Joan Cohen says she has also had to raise her​ prices but has been able to work things out.
"We have been kind of lucky because the people that I get my candy or chocolate from always lets me know when she is having a problem," Cohen says. "So, I order extra. So, I was very fortunate."
While some stores are struggling to get things in place for the holiday, not everyone was worried about shortages about Valentine's Day shopping
"I'm actually not really worried," says North Babylon resident Roe Williams "I feel like people can order things online. So it shouldn't be that bad."