Family raises money to reunite Farmingdale HS sweethearts killed in Washington accident

Family tells News 12 the couple lived together in Whidbey Island, Washington, where Sam Cullen was stationed as a United States Navy petty officer 2nd Class.

Thema Ponton

May 8, 2024, 12:13 AM

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Two Nassau families say they are heartbroken after they say high school sweethearts were killed in an accident in Washington state.
The families of Sam Cullen and Suzie Kedar are now joining together to ensure the couple stays together forever.
"We pulled together, as a unit, because Sam and Suzie would want us to be one big family." said Shari Cullen, Sam's mother.
Sam Cullen and Suzie Kedar were killed in an accident on Thursday, said Sam's mother.
The family tells News 12 the couple lived together in Whidbey Island, Washington, where Cullen was stationed as a United States Navy Petty officer 2nd Class.
Their families say the couple were Farmingdale High School sweethearts and they first met more than 10 years ago when Sam was on the wrestling team and Suzie was the manager.
Shari Cullen said, "She had her eye on Sam, she knew what she wanted, we had to hit Sam in the head a couple of times to let him know, this is the one for you."
Cullen tells News 12 the longtime couple was set to take next step.
She said Sam sent her a picture of an engagement ring just last week, one day after his mom's birthday.
"He showed it to me, just on Tuesday, he snapped a picture and sent it to me, and I went, you did good Sam," she says.
According to the family, two days later, Sam and Suzie were killed in an accident.
News 12 is told the Navy will ensure the return of Cullen's body, but Kedar's family is raising money to get her body back home.
Over $50,000 has already been raised for the family. The original goal was $30,000.
The families tell News 12 they now plan to fly Sam and Suzie's bodies back together, they will have a joint funeral service and they will be laid to rest together.
Shari Cullen said, "I think it gives me comfort and I hope it gives you guy's (Kedar's) comfort that they're together, which is what they wanted."
Roshnie Kedar and Simy Kedar, Suzie's mother and sister say their family is heartbroken, but glad the couple will be together.
Roshnie Kedar said, "She was very talented, she liked to explore, she liked to do everything, what she liked to do, she will do it."
"Right now I cannot describe words for her, she's just wonderful, wonderful person." said Simy Kedar.
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