Experts say swine flu is no cause for panic

Nassau and Suffolk?s health officials and experts are urging Long Islanders to stay calm about swine flu despite the constantly changing statistics and news stories.
?We have a lot of worried, well individuals going to emergency departments when they shouldn't,? Suffolk Health Commissioner Dr. Humayan Chaudry says.
With any new virus, he says there's caution and concern, but it's likely a lot of people had swine flu and didn't even know it. That?s because symptoms of H1N1 are similar to those of seasonal influenza.
Flu viruses do evolve and become stronger though, so there should be some degree of concern, according to NUMC?s Director of Infectious Diseases Dr. Janice Verley. Chaudry says as the virus evolves, so does the response.
Experts continue to say one of the best ways to avoid getting the virus is by washing hands frequently or using hand sanitizers.