Experts: Be persistent at career fairs

Experts say a good place to begin searching for jobs is at local career fairs.
According to career counselor Ellen Weiss, the key to succeeding at a job fair is persistence and preparedness. Weiss says it is imperative to dress professionally for a fair and to treat it like an interview. She recommends men wear two piece suits in dark colors with white or conservative colored shirts underneath, solid colored ties and dark shoes. Women should also dress in dark suits, avoiding low-cut shirts, open-toed shoes and pastel colored clothing.
Weiss recommends researching the career fair before attending, to learn about the employers who will be there. Weiss says those prospective employees who familiarize themselves with the companies will stand out among the rest of the people in attendance.
Weiss suggests engaging employers at the fair, passing out resumes, asking questions and taking business cards or other forms of contact information. Always send thank-you letters or e-mails to the representatives from the fair, Weiss says. Weiss believes it is appropriate to call companies about five days after meeting a representative at the career fair.
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