Exclusive: Teens caught on camera vandalizing LI business' construction equipment

The owner of Shoman Facility Maintenance provided the footage, appearing to show three teens throwing a gasoline container at various construction equipment.

News 12 Staff

Jul 1, 2023, 4:37 PM

Updated 358 days ago


A business owner says he has footage of a group of teens vandalizing his equipment at a Lindenhurst shopping center, an incident that apparently caused more than $1,000 in damages.
Brandon Shoman, owner of Shoman Facility Maintenance, shared a video that appears to show three teens throwing a gasoline container at his construction equipment.
Shoman says a headlight was shattered, and that the dashboard and windshield wiper were also damaged in the aftermath.
He also said his company has lost about $14,000 in stolen equipment and vandalism in unrelated cases this past year.
Shoman told News 12 Long Island that the vandals need to face consequences.
“I thought it was unbelievable. Kids don’t really have much respect for other peoples’ properties," he said. "We have nice, new equipment to service our clients… I think it’s really disrespectful for what they did.”
Shoman posted the footage to a community Facebook page, which sparked a flood of tips to police. Investigators say they are close to making an arrest.
“Some parents were helping us identify who the teens were. One of them is a big YouTuber. He has 750,000 subscribers and is very popular on social media,” he said.
Shoman said community members have identified the three other teens. He remains hopeful that the vandals will be arrested soon.
“There needs to be consequences for their actions,” he said.

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