EXCLUSIVE: Seaford grandmother's quick thinking leads to arrest of suspected scammer

Jean, a former Nassau police 911 dispatcher, knew something was not right and called her local precinct.

News 12 Staff

Jan 21, 2022, 3:35 AM

Updated 816 days ago


A 73-year-old woman turned the tables on a suspected scammer, leading to an arrest in Seaford Thursday.
A man allegedly tried to steal $8,000 from a Seaford grandmother who quickly caught on and wound up scamming the would-be scammer.
The intended victim, Jean, received a phone call Thursday from someone claiming to be her grandson.
"He said he was in an accident, he said, 'I'm in jail,'" Jean says. "They said 'I was under the influence. The accident wasn't my fault. Some lady hit me but she's hurt and now I'm in jail.'"
The caller said he needed $8,000 and that a bail bondsman would come by to collect the money.
Jean, a former Nassau police 911 dispatcher, knew something was not right and called her local precinct.
Two officers came to the house and were taking a report from the woman when the man came to the door. They made the arrest there on the spot.
"It got real very fast, and I was lucky I had the local cops here," Jean says.
Jean also handed over an envelope to the would-be suspected thief. Instead of having $8,000 inside, she folded up paper towels.
"I was playing a game, it was entertaining," Jean says. "I didn't think it was really going to happen. I thought the guy would catch me in a lie. Obviously, I was pretty good because he believed me."
A department spokesperson acknowledged the arrest happened but would not provide a comment.
Police are planning to hold a news conference about the incident Friday.

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