Ex-staffers accuse Huntington dentist of sexual harassment

A south Huntington dentist is accused of firing an officer manager and two others when they complained about sexual misconduct.
According to officials, Dr. Joseph Ayoub fired office manager Brook Lutz and two others.
Dr. Ayoub has been hit with a lawsuit, accusing him of making sexual comments and more.
An attorney for Lutz says, "It culminated in a trip to an office furniture store where the entire office was looking to get new chairs. Ms. Lutz was sitting on a chair and Dr. Ayoub, in front of the other workers, straddled her. She got so upset she pushed him right off."
Lutz claims she wrote a letter the next day outlining the staff's sexual harassment complaints.
Lutz says Ayoub fired three staffers. Ayoub’s lawyer calls the claim bogus.