Engineers of Equality photo exhibit at Westbury Arts has children portraying social justice heroes

A new photo exhibit debuting at Westbury Arts is set to highlight the accomplishments of Black activists by recreating some of their iconic moments with children portraying social justice heroes.
Tricia Messeroux is the photographer and creator for Engineers of Equality.
"We're celebrating the legacy of civil rights heroes, the people that came before us and are allowing children today to be able to sit in the front of the bus, children today to be able to sit in the classroom with all shades and sizes of children that don't look like them," Messeroux says.
For 15 years, Messeroux was best known as the founder of Toddlewood - where she recreates famous red carpet moments and notable Hollywood snapshots with children as the subject.
She shifted gears to focus on Black history in her photography in 2020 following the police killing of George Floyd, which sparked Black Lives Matter protests around the world.
"Trying to create change - that's where I knew the best way I could do that is through my artwork," Messeroux.
Messeroux selected 30 children from a nationwide search of 3,000 applications to be featured in the exhibit and a coffee table book.
She was able to create new images of civil rights giants including Harriet Tubman, John Lewis and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Messeroux hopes her exhibit and book empowers children with the knowledge that they can be the changemakers of the future.
The exhibit opens on Saturday.